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  • The art of relaxation by Sento Spa

    The body and mind should be able to form an excellent duet that will steer them towards peace and tranquility. Human beings, each individually, can estimate their own needs and respond to these needs. In order to escape from everyday chaos, we can have a long trip, go on a holiday abroad, or enjoy some active forms of rest. However, it is truly an art to be able to achieve a degree of relaxation quickly on everyday basis; it is an art to be aware of your needs and take conscious care of yourself
    this morning, today, this week.

    Young female meditate in natureTime for yourself
    Each day you build your inner strength, the force giving you satisfaction and creating harmony. Each day you can spend some time with yourself, give yourself time to breathe, take a brake, close your eyes and feel relief. Being able to relax in a short period of time is wonderful yet a very difficult ability to acquire which requires consciousness and self discipline . A step by step approach brings you closer to your goal. That’s why, first of all, you should give yourself a rest more often thSento SPAan you have done so far. Let’s drive away, sneak away from the city, get out of our everyday duties. Give yourself a day, a weekend, a week. Poland impressively opens itself to the art of relaxation and creates spaces and objects, that teach, inspire and unwind.

    Take care of your space

    Space allows you to feel free and to take a deep breath of air. The key is awareness! Tranquility must be sought out outside of all the hustle and bustle, commotion, and noise. Finding a hiding place outside of the city gives us an immensity of good energy, which in turn affects our mood. While in a big city, our mood causes our minds to run on overdrive, unable to stop; it becomes restless. This is one of the reasons why so many people view cities only as a place for work and prefer to live in the suburbs. Escaping into the welcoming arms of a forest, fresh air, and tranquility – that is the answer for the body and spirit.

    Zbigniew TyszkoZbigniew Tyszko on the sanctuary in Klekotki

    “I have travelled to the Far East because of my job for many years. I have brought back with me from these trips a wealth of inspiration, knowledge and memories. I am learning to use the energy from my environment and I am trying to pass this bug to others. Using your environment to in a way that disrupts the rules as little as  possible leads to the procurement of clean energy, increase in comfort levels, improvement in the quality of life and, above all, maximizes the effectiveness of your rest. Klekotki is a place built with these objectives in mind. It’s authentic, quiet, hidden in a forest. I have created a spiritual sanctuary for travellers searching for harmony and rest.”

    Near – Far East, Far East inspiration
    There is something in the Far East that attracts me, that makes me feel better there, something that helps me to
    relax. Far East is where I had a taste of philosophy which I try to tap into when shaping my personal space. Sento SPA at Młyn Klekotki Hotel is the Near – Far East that I have created. I have adopted here the philosophy of relaxation, the music which accompanied me in my travels, a particle of that world which allows me to feel absolutely rested.

    Tranquility of Sento SPA
    Sento SPA, inspired by the Japanese tradition and culture, is nested within the walls of an original country
    barn. It has been fully recreated and built on a cliff behind an old oak, which envelops the polyhedron-shaped rooms with the scent of wood. SPA patrons are welcomed with the sense of spaciousness, scent of essential oils and cedar grass, sound of gongs, taste of green tea, and most importantly – KNOWLEDGE. Drawing from the best experience, passing it on to one another – has resulted in a vast range of exquisite rituals and traditional Japanese treatments offered by Sento SPA. Each day is an invitation to the journey which will have a soothing effect on the body and the spirit.

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