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  • Camera rebels – the New Wave of Czechoslovakia

    47 films, 14 weeks, 2 cinemas, 1 festival! From February 19 to May 29 Warsaw’s “Iluzjon” and “Muranów” cinemas will be showing films of the Czechoslovakian New Wave of the 1960s.

    2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the first time an Oscar was awarded to a Czechoslovakian film a representative of the New Wave National Film Library “The Shop on the Main Street”. It’s the perfect opportunity to recall the most important works of the period. The festival is organized by institutions such as Filmoteka Narodowa, Czech Center (Czeskie Centrum), Slovak Institute (Instytut Słowacki), Foundation (Gutek Film and Fundacja).
    The unique form – a combination of a festival and a showcase will let the viewers watch all the films which is difficult in the case of weekend and week-long festivals. The Czechoslovakian New Wave is a monumental film movement being an integral part of the cultural and conscious revolution of the Czechs and Slovaks in the 1960s. XX which has entered history as the “Prague Spring”. What the Camera Rebels – Forman, Chytilova, Menzel, Němec, Jakubisko, Hanák and others – managed to achieve before their wings were clipped by the military invasion of 1968 and the return of a harsh regime is up to this days considered one of the most prominent works of Czech and Slovak filmmakers.

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