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    Dare to innovate (+pl)

    (polska wersja – str. 2) Innovation is a very enticing term. Tempting. We like to consider ourselves innovative. We look at the world’s “innovation icons” with respect and envy. Google, [...]

    Syria – the world’s training ground (+pl)

    (polska wersja – str. 2) His excellence Dr. Idris Mayya, Chargé d`Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Warsaw, was interviewed by Konrad Michalski i Roman Mańka. [...]

    Norway reinforces collaboration with Poland

    The relationship between Poland and Norway has become much closer in recent years. According to a statement issued by the prime minister of Norway, the Norwegian government intends to [...]


    On October 17th, the Ballroom of the Sheraton Warsaw hotel was home to the 3rd Edition of the VIP Gala. The gala was hosted with great flair and humour thanks to the talents of Katarzyna Dowbor [...]

    Estonia – the country worth exploring

    Stanisław Błaszczyk and H. E. Harri Tiido, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia have spoken about Estonia’s current image, its difficult history, the relations with Poland and the Estonian [...]


    Forum for Freedom and Growth Law4Growth, the largest business and law-based initiative in Central and Southern Europe, has just been created in Poland. It is aimed at improving conditions for the [...]

    Poland loses out in the tax game

    The newest report of the European Commission summarizing tax reforms in the Union puts Poland among 5 countries whose tax system and general taxation policies need changing. According to the [...]

    Polish revolution in wind energy

    Vertical axis turbines – the invention of a Polish engineer W. Piskorz, can soon revolutionize the renewable energy market. The turbines, as opposed to the classical wind-powered [...]

    Cybersecurity in business (+pl)

    (polska wersja – str. 2) Public access, ease and comfort of use, as well as rapidly growing amount of processed information are the main reasons behind the need to continuously develop [...]

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