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    Not for aficionados only

    We all have an image of a cigar smoker in our public consciousness – a wealthy businessman reclining in his office chair, relishing in every little puff of smoke as he finalizes very lucrative [...]

    The limit of good sound

    Where is it? Can we buy proportionally ‘better’ sound by buying extremely expensive audio gear? The years spent in the audio equipment market have taught me that the best term for the limit of [...]

    Taste of Warsaw

    Warsaw is a fantastic city, full of attractions, business potential, magical places…and tastes! It takes a  considerable amount of effort to describe, assess and put into a wider context [...]

    Armin Strom – Cognac Watch (+pl)

    (polska wersja – str. 2) Armin Strom Cognac Watch is a timepiece with two beating hearts. One of them is the work of precise mechanisms created under the keen eye of experienced watchmaker, [...]

    Watchmakers Without Borders

    Just as we aren’t able to stop the time, we can’t assume that everything in the world of traditional watchmaking has already been achieved, that all, even most ambitious projects have been [...]

    The Art of Shoemaking

    In spite of the technological progress, it is stil believed that Goodyear welt construction, initiated in the 18th century, is the best production technique as far as men’s shoes are concerned [...]

    Technology locked within a classic (+pl)

    (polska wersja – str. 2) Elegance and good taste can most often be found in the classic. The subtle character of the classical form enhances our style and works in near every situation – be it a [...]


    On October 17th, the Ballroom of the Sheraton Warsaw hotel was home to the 3rd Edition of the VIP Gala. The gala was hosted with great flair and humour thanks to the talents of Katarzyna Dowbor [...]

    What we have found #1

    For the first time we are presenting you, with a real pleasure, this brand-new section of “Ambassador”. It is a place where renowned alcohol connoisseurs and experts in the domain will look for [...]

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