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  • Innovative music curriculum

    The British School, Warsaw launches an innovative music curriculum in collaboration with THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL.

    The British School, Warsaw will become one of the first schools in the world to benefit from an innovative new collaboration between Nord Anglia Education and The Juilliard School in New York. From September 2016, students will benefit from an enhanced embedded arts curriculum developed by specialists from Juilliard.

    Nord Anglia argues that it is the duty of educators to inspire students, and facilitate their cognitive stimulation and development. As part of its commitment to inspiring students, Nord Anglia collaborates with world-leading institutions to bring their excellence directly into the classroom. Nord Anglia believes that working with such
    a highly-regarded institution and giving students direct access to Juilliard performers and teaching artists will
    help inspire them in their studies. Ultimately, thecurriculum aims to nurture cultural literacy and develop key skills in students, such as discipline, creativity and confidence that will enable them to succeed anywhere in the world once they’ve left school.

    The evidence for an education in the arts is clear – learning music can increase academic development, helping students to improve literacy, mathematics and cognitive development. It also helps young people develop cultural literacy and personal skills – from collaboration through to perseverance – which are critical to the modern workplace.

    The music curriculum is designed for all students, not just those who are serious about learning an instrument or musical performance. It is based around a repertoire of 12 core works covering a wide range of cultures, genres and historical periods, each of which has been carefully chosen by Juilliard to open the door to categories of music and fundamentals essential for all young people to know and experience.

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