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Armin Strom – Cognac Watch (+pl)
Opublikowano: 2 stycznia 2016

(polska wersja – str. 2)

Armin Strom Cognac Watch is a timepiece with two beating hearts. One of them is the work of precise mechanisms created under the keen eye of experienced watchmaker, Armin Storm. The other was conceived 250 years ago from the grapevines near Cognac.


Yes, you read that right! – the new work of Swiss manufacture is an absolutely innovative combination of passion for refined timepieces and sophisticated liquors. The piece of work may amuse some, charm others, but there’s no doubt that it’s hard to be indifferent towards it.

Armin_Strom_Cognac_Watch_3Technology i history

Armin Strom is a Swiss watch producer of the most prestige kind – a manufactury. Companies like this manufacture most elements of the watch, including mechanisms. The final product is manufactured in-house from start to finish, and the scale of production is minor, due to the long and labor-intensive manufacturing process

AS Cognac Watch transcends the borders of innovation and creativity. This mechanical Swiss timepiece contains Gautier cognac produced during the mid 18th century. This project is unprecedented – for the first time in history, alcohol will find its way into a mechanical wristwatch. Additionally, this is no ordinary liquor – it’s a real “time capsule” that connects us to a world gone by. It’s 250 years of history encased in glass. This marriage of technology and history is made possible by the cooperation of Armin Storm and Wealth Solutions. The former introduces the experience and precision of Swiss masters, while the other brings the knowledge of and lover for unique liquors.

The Armin Strom Manufactury…

… manufactures around a thousand high quality wristwatches every year. However, Armin Strom is more than just a company. First and foremost, it’s a man – Armin Strom is a legendary wristwatch manufacture known mostly as a master of so-called skeletonizing. It’s a watch building technique that ensures that the mechanism is at least partly visible on the dial. In 1991 a timepiece created by Armin Storm found its way in the Guiness Book of Records, earning the title of smallest skeleton watch.

Another distinct feature of watches from the Armin Storm manufactury is engravings on mechanical elements – incredibly precise and hand-made.

The Watch

The timepiece possesses a stainless steel case 43.4 mm in diameter. Within the case is a caliber AMW11 Armin Storm mechanism with a manual mainspring tension.

The mechanism has been made using 112 elements and contains 20 bearing stones, and works with a balance frequency of 18,000 swings per hour. With full mainspring tension, the watch can measure time uninterrupted for five days.

The mechanism is protected with sapphire glass and contains a capsule with the aforementioned liquor.

250 years contained in a bottleArmin_Strom_Cognac_Watch_5

In 1762, the famous Trevi Fountain was unveiled in Rome, Catherine II became the empress of Russia, while Jean-Jacques Rousseau published his “Social Agreement”. At the same time, the grapes used to produce the alcohol contained within the watch were born in Cognac. The liquor was purchased by the Wealth Solutions company in 2014 during an auction of rare wines and liquors organized by the Bonhams auction house in New York. The bottle in question received the title of the oldest cognac auctioned in a public auction to date.

The surface of the mechanism visible through the sapphire lid is decorated with an engraving of a grape bunch. This element showcases the clockmaker’s craft and makes for a unique part of this limited edition of timepieces.

Merely 40 watches will appear on the market.

Maciej Kopyto


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