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Opublikowano: 21 marca 2016

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Konrad Michalski interviewed the owner of Welmax, Wojciech Szubert

KM: Let’s begin with a very general question – what is Welmax?

WS: Welmax is a brand, an idea. It’s a space, a world – open to all people who are conscious of their needs, who want to lead a different life, value their comfort, health, and real taste. You can say Welmax has two distinct faces. On the one hand, it’s a modern return to the traditional model of manufacture, to times when we  purchased things that weren’t the cheapest, but produced in the best possible way – quality was the only way to gain the hearts and loyalty of the clients. I long for the days when things were built to last for years, and not designed to expire after a short period of use. Nowadays, high efficiency is, in a way, a luxury, and though I am loath to use the word, I believe that by inviting others into the world of Welmax, we offer exclusive solutions. On the other hand, we implement new ways of development, invest in innovativeness, new technologies, collaborate with scientific institutes. The times are changing and new challenges continuously arise.

KM: Hence the involvement in start-ups?

WS: Yes. We are working on several business undertakings. I can’t share many details, but these are projects related not only to direct sales, but also shopping on the Internet – mobile, technological, scientific. We find that our work with young people, so passionate about their fields, is very inspiring and motivating. It can act as an impulse for sustained development.

KM: You mentioned health?

Keep your best moments alive!

Keep your best moments alive!

WS: Yes. It is our most valuable capital in life, after all. People who are aware of that can call themselves successful, in a way. Actions taken to raise the comfort of living, health are the point where all areas of the brand’s activity connect. This is why we work with the worlds of science and medicine in order to find new solutions that can bring great benefits in the field of products related to a healthy lifestyle.

KM: What products?

WS: In general terms we could say that there are two main factors that decide our mood every day – our diet and sleep. Thanks to special mattresses, sheets, we can truly improve our sleep and life comfort. When it comes to the diet…

KM: …you mean special plates?

WS: Of course – dishes made from precious materials, they require no thermal processing to burn oils.

KM: Aren’t worried that education is necessary to understand how important the quality of daily products is?

WS: I have no worries. Quite the contrary – one of the missions of my operations is education. For example, we attended the 2015 Allergy Days in Warsaw;s National Stadium. We were accompanied by blogger Katarzyna Jankowska, who runs the blog MamaAlergikaGotuje.pl. We organized an original culinary workshop, where we  demonstrated the Elektra cleaning system, but most of all we conversed with the people. Normally, we organize meetings on a much smaller scale. This time, we were able to reach over 5 thousand people within two days! It’s a wonderful feeling, spreading knowledge in such an effective way.

KM: And the remaining activities?

WS: There are many challenges, so allow me to name two very important projects. The first is investment activities. I am passionate about innovation in business. I act as a patron to several forward-thinking projects that stand out with a large market potential. The other involves charity matters. I am of the opinion that business is more than just a privilege – it also involves a duty towards society. Which is why I established a foundation that supports and investsing young people that have suffered a terrible fate, as well as those with special talents.

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