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The limit of good sound
Opublikowano: 20 kwietnia 2016

Where is it? Can we buy proportionally ‘better’ sound by buying extremely expensive audio gear? The years spent in the audio equipment market have taught me that the best term for the limit of good sound is ‘subjective’.

The music room
What choices need to be made before listening to music in the privacy of your own home becomes pure pleasure? Definitely, and despite the fact that good sound is a subjective phenomenon, one must reject headphones, mini stereos, or another type of audio equipment offered by supermarkets at ‘exceptionally’ attractive prices. Usually, this is poor-quality stuff that will only offer deformed sound, far from the artists’ ideas and intentions. Yet the quality of the sounds played back, and most importantly, the pleasure of listening to music, depends on numerous factors. And it is not only about equipment… The secret lies in the room itself too. If it is not dedicated to the listening of music, meaning equipped with acoustic panels and sound-absorbing elements, then we must take care to ensure that the interior is filled with soft fabrics, such as curtains and carpets. Walls are large flat surfaces against which sounds reverberate, leading to resonances. We can prevent these effects to some extent, by  hanging pictures or ornaments on the walls. Any additional elements will cause the acoustic wave to reflect at a different angle, and prevent it from overlapping.

The choice of equipment…
… and its configuration are a wide topic. To put it short, however, I would advise you to treat with caution any equipment produced by large-scale manufacturers, who focus on limiting the production costs rather than on improving the quality. Interesting solutions can be found with businesses specialising in audio gear or small manufacturers with a passion for music. Even the best equipment will not play without cables, which must be selected with just as much care. I always advise my customers to borrow a number of cables when selecting their  equipment and try them out at home, choosing the sonic effect they want. My answer to the question of which audio equipment to choose is always the same: ‘why don’t you come and have a listen?’ Every one of us has a different taste and hears sounds differently. Groping in the dark can lead to offering a juicy steak to a die-hard vegetarian. This holds for the taste in sound as well.

Author: Gabriel Nowak – Audiotrendt, Long-time advisor to audio equipment customers

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