Polish revolution in wind energy

Vertical axis turbines – the invention of a Polish engineer W. Piskorz, can soon revolutionize the renewable energy market. The turbines, as opposed to the classical wind-powered generators, rotate around a vertical axis and use kinetic energy from the wind. Additionally, they do not create noise.

Advantages ofDSC_0079 this kind of turbines include, among other things, the fact that the wind speed required for them to work is only 0.6 m/s (a classic turbine – 3-4 m/s), regardless of the wind’s direction; the possibility to be mounted and working in an urbanised area; no environmental impact; unprecedented efficiency over a year’s time (up to 50% higher than classic wind turbines); a positive cost-efficiency ratio; that they can be easily and quickly transported and built; and a general simplicity along with a low cost of technical maintenance.

The turbines are promoted and marketed by the family company of Waldemar Piskorz and ProEnergetyka.

Source: proenergetyka.pl

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