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Technology locked within a classic (+pl)
Opublikowano: 12 grudnia 2015

(polska wersja – str. 2)

Elegance and good taste can most often be found in the classic. The subtle character of the classical form enhances our style and works in near every situation – be it a social, cultural, or business event. While women view the watch as simply one of the accessories that can complement their style, for men it is essentially a foundation on which they base their style. What, then, would happen if we locked modern technology in a classical form? We would get Swiss Horological Smartwatch Frédérique Constant.


This watch is a beautiful marriage of technology and noble shapes. It gives the impression of a piece of “Bond” equipment – it may not look like much, but it houses a host of interesting solutions. In this case, that solution is the patented MotionX® sensor, which allows the watch to synchronize directly with iPhone apps and Android devices.


The Frédérique Constant smartwatch is a combination of high technology with traditional Swiss clockwork. You won’t find a digital time display on the Horological Smartwatch – the classic reigns here. Silvery white indexes put on a face and hands that are cute on the face using lasers. Because of this, the smartwatch can preserve its classic beauty while reaping the benefits of new trends.


The MotionX® sensor mentioned earlier confirms information taken from other sensors that measure the time of sleep and physical activity. This information, displayed on an analog face, will automatically synchronize with smartphone apps. The dedicated iOS or Android app will tell the user about the movement and sleep measurements of the day, week or month using a series of simple, clear graphics. The data gathered in this fashion can really make it easier for the user to reach their desired target, such as improving their well-being, living standard, by encouraging them to effectively and positively change their sleep and physical activity habits. The battery is estimated to last for over two years. The price is decent, even great considering the product’s quality (5499 zł).

Jarosław Blich

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