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The dilemma of parents-to-be
Opublikowano: 29 grudnia 2015

The decision about having children is one of the most important choices we make in our lives. The period when we are waiting for our child to be born can be filled with tension which only goes away after the delivery. In the moment itself, when the birth of the baby becomes the reality, we want to be sure everything goes well. We need this sense of security and reassurance that our offspring will arrive into this world comfortably and without hiccups. Yet, we normally need a recommendation when deciding on the place where our baby is to be born.

A list of recommendations As we are adamant that recommendations from parents themselves are most valid when creating a list of recommended hospitals. Hence, we were focused on new parents when having conversations, asking questions, checking internet fora and reading opinions. The knowledge acquired after talking to doctors has been of equal importance. As a result, we have developed a list of four particularly recommendable places in Warsaw.

Szpital Damiana (Damian Hospital) The first private maternity ward in Warsaw is famous for its Individual Maternity Care Model. By 36th week of pregnancy, Each woman expecting a baby meets her assigned medical team that will be present at delivery. The team consists of an obstetrician-gynecologist, an anaesthesiologist, a pediatrician- neonatologist and a midwife. The model has so far been a method of providing childbirth-related care unique for this hospital, and is a point of differeence on the maternity care market. The guaranteed access to the Intensive Care Unit for mothers and children, as well as best new generation medical equipment are also very important. There is an English speaking team dedicated to providing medical care to foreigners in the hospital. The centre also has ISO 9001:2008 certificate in quality management for medical and diagnostic services.

Żelazna Medical Centre… …until recently called St. Zelazna HospitalSophia Specialist Hospital. An establishment with a long tradition and great reputation (set up in 1912). The small city hospital is a place with the highest number of births in Warsaw. The hospital has a competence and authority to deal with the most difficult cases in obstetrics and neonatal pathology, including premature babies of low birth weight – 500 g. Two birthing models are offered here. The first one – in the Birthing Unit with 7 single rooms,and the second one – in the Birthing Home with 3 family rooms. The Birthing Home is an option for women who want a non-medicalised natural birth in conditions resembling home birth. The hospital also offers a possibility of having a caesarean section.
Post-natal rooms of the obstetrics and neonatal wards (double and triple ones) are aesthetically appealing and well equipped. They have their own bathrooms, comfortable beds, bedside tables, intercom system enabling communication with the hospital staff. Each room contains a newborn changing station. The staff assists in feeding and general care provided to newborns. It is also offers a possibility to stay with the closest family in a family room (OCEAN) round the clock. The centre also provides maternity care during pregnancy.

Madalinskiego HospitalHoly Family Specialist Hospital (Madalińskiego) The offered neonatal care involves maternity care during pregnancy (with or without complications). The modern Birthing Unit allows for going through labour in an intimate atmosphere, with a preferred birthing partner. After giving birth, mothers and their children stay in comfortable double rooms or, if requested, in family rooms, making it possible for the relatives to be around 24 hours. All rooms come with bathrooms. The hospital makes sure each mom can maintain continuous contact with her baby. The Neonatal Centre and the Neonatal Ward with Premature Babies and Intensive Care Units, the Newborn Pathology Unit and the Premature Babies Education Centre, the Lactation Specialist Centre, the Breastmilk Bank and Physiotherapy Centre ensure a complete package is offered to new mothers and their offspring. The hospital holds ISO 9001 quality certificate and the title of Baby Friendly Hospital within the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative launched by WHO and UNICEF.

“Inflancka” Krysia “Zakurzona” Niżyńska Specialist Inflancka HospitalHospital is a “new generation” medical centre. It holds the title of Baby Friendly Hospital. Each room has a bathroom with a shower. Spa baths used for soothing the post-labour pain have been installed in three of the rooms. All rooms are also equipped with Philips CTG machines which enable medical staff to monitor the patient without posing any limitations on their mobility. For the first time in Poland, the rooms also have a wireless nurse call button system, thanks to which patients can call medical personnel from any place in the room (not only bed). Additionally, the system also transfers the call to a selected phone number. In each room, there is also a special birthing stool – designed by the midwives of “Inflancka”. The birthing room ANUSIA is also equipped with a special “ROMA Birthwheel” (one of only two in Warsaw). Newborn stations installed in all rooms each include baby safety equipment: a heating lamp with a special safety sensor, an aspirator, as well as a special device for immediate resuscitation of babies: Neopuf.

Author: Julita Pabiańczyk


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