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Opublikowano: 21 marca 2016

The desire for eternal youth has inspired scholars to conduct experiments, put forward brave theses or conducting bold experiments for eons.

Thanks to them, what once was impossible has now become an element of our lives. Anti-aging creams,  skin-smoothing masks and the most recent cosmetic medicine procedures and plastic surgery allow us to look younger for much longer than we could 100 or even 50 years ago. However, when chasing youth and beauty, we often encounter traps. There’s nothing special about undergoing an invasive plastic surgery that will eliminate
even the smallest of wrinkles and change your facial expression. Balance is the key. Dr. Robert Chmielewski from the aesthetic medicine clinic rClinic believes that bleeding edge aesthetic medicine procedures and cosmetology
may help us grow old in a conscious fashion and age with dignity.

The latest achievements of aesthetic medicine are an effective, but delicate tool, that correct certain imperfections and makes you more beautiful in a very subtle way. All this while paying attention to not only restore youth, but also preserve all of the face’s natural attributes. The famed face lift, which so many Hollywood stars underwent so eagerly, has faded into oblivion. Nowadays, more subtle procedures are preferred, ones that only counteract and halt the aging process, “refresh” looks, add a youthful shine and make us feel…

Dr. Robert Chmielewski – surgeon, aesthetic medicine specialist, member of the aesthetic medicine section of the Polish Doctor’s Association, lecturer in the European Anti-Aging Training Center. Author of many press articles,
expert for many television and radio programs.

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