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Escape Rooms Mystery is the key to business success
Opublikowano: 21 kwietnia 2016

“Secret” – a tempting word, and “curiosity” – a quality that drives us throughout our lives since childhood. One of the most blooming businesses of today was established on these two foundations. Escape Rooms is a means of entertainment born in Japan, with Hungary serving as its European central. In Poland, it is an entertainment business that is flourishing in exciting, dynamic ways. We can search for a means of escape in over 80 rooms in Warsaw already.


About the room…
For those not in the know, escape rooms are a form of entertainment that allows us to get locked in a room filled with riddles, usually with a group of friends. The players usually follow a script and act out roles, sometimes pretending to be fearless astronauts, while at others – detectives on a murderer’s trail.

The aim of the game is to escape the room in the time established at the beginning (usually about 60 minutes) or the accomplishment of certain goals (e.g. sinking a U-boat or finding crime evidence).

The rooms…
…can vary greatly in terms of atmosphere and the way the game is played. Most of them are filled with logical puzzles, locks, codes and ciphers, the breaking of which is the way to win. A large part of them will also demand team work and great mental activity, as well as acute memories and perceptiveness.

What rooms are there in Warsaw?
We visited several very interesting rooms in Warsaw. We arranged them in a specific way, starting from the least challenging to the most.

Kidnapper’s Room (Praga Rooms)

Located in the atmospheric Praga Północ district in one of the tenement houses, there are two rooms referred to as the Praga rooms. It’s the ideal place to start your foray into Escape Rooms. In the Kidnapper’s Room, the players play the roles of passers-by kidnapped for ransom. The group gets locked up in a gang’s den, awaiting their families to amass the sums to pay the ransom. The players must leave the room before the ransom is paid. The room effectively creates the atmosphere of a gangster’s den and throws you into the plot in an interesting way.

Difficulty: 5/10
Number of participants: 2-5 people


A room based on the horror movie “Wrong Turn”. It’s easy to spoil the fun by saying anything about this room. There are two things that need to be said, however. Sensitive people, as well as people suffering from hemophilia, should not consider playing in this room. The scenery and atmosphere are top-notch. The high amount of realism is really impressive.

When it comes to the difficulty of the tasks prepared for us by the creators, it’s quite clear that this is a perfect place to start your Escape Room adventure.

Difficulty: 5/10
Number of participants 2-5 people


Black Cat Escape Room

The owners prepared four rooms, one of which is only available in the summer (it takes place on the 12-story high terrace). We liked the Murderer’s Room the most. The players play the roles of detectives tracking a serial, psychopathic killer from Long Island. The main attractions are a very realistic, film-like scenery and interesting technical solutions for the riddles. It’s also another room that is not suited for the faint of heart.

Difficulty: 5/10
Number of participants: 2-5 people

Space Odyssey (Quest Hunt)
The rooms of Quest Hunt are some of the best equipped.
The creators prepared three rooms, the most eye-catching of which is the Space Odyssey, where you spend time on a space ship thatis on a collision course with a meteorite. The incredible atmosphere is combined with the difficult mathematical and logical puzzles, creating a very cohesive and fun experience. We would like to note that two of the three rooms prepared by Quest Hunt (Space Odyssey and Alice in Wonderland) are great fun for the whole family.

Difficulty: 6/10
Number of participants: 3-4 people

Back to the Future (Dom Zagadek)
Dom Zagadek (Riddle House) provides us the most popular rooms on the Internet. Those are the Pyramid and Back to the Future. Even though the Pyramid is the most popular room, we chose the very atmospheric Back to the Future which is based more around an atmosphere and vague shout outs to the movie, rather than being based on its story. The room lets us go back to our childhood days when movie theaters still played the movie starring Michael J Fox who had to deal with time travel shenanigans. You will also face the flow of time in an amazing, cinema like atmosphere of the 80s with some very interesting puzzles and a very smooth experience.

Difficulty: 6/10
Number of participants: 5-6 people

Cipher Bureau (Enigma Room)

The creators of Enigma Room have three rooms on offer. The Cipher Bureau is the most eye-catching of the bunch, as we enter the boots of Polish crypto-analysts from the World War II era. The players must solve puzzles that can decipher coordinates of the German U-Boat, and then sink it. The riddles provided by the creators are very difficult and complex, which is why we can recommend this to people who like a challenge. The room presents an interesting take on the military bureau of ciphers, most likely situated in a bunker.

Difficulty: 7/10
Number of participants: 2-5 people

Warsaw’s Secrets (Escape Room Bank)

Another room we recommend is the very mysterious sounding Warsaw’s Secrets. We play the role of people visiting an old, pre-World War tenement house in Warsaw. As we stumble an unlocked door, we can’t help but peer in, despite being instructed not to. Of course, the door is locked behind us, while we must find a way to get out.
The room turns out to be the den of a city archivist. Tons of books and  drawers, dozens of keys, a mysterious desk and a well-guarded secret – this is the atmosphere of “Warsaw’s Secrets”.

The riddles are unconventional, and the room itself is full of surprises. Though we have to admit, leaving the room is not simple. This one requires experience.

Difficulty: 7.5/10
Number of participants: 2-6 people

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Spy at the President’s (Team Exit)

Team Exit offers two wildly different rooms. One of them (Pirates of the Caribbean) takes us to 17th century Pacific waters around Galapagos. We will face the legend of the phantom ship, a kidnapping, release from chains, while being trapped in a dungeon
with several insanely difficult puzzles, all in the magnificent scenery of a pirate ship. The other room (the Spy at the President’s) lets us become professional thieves that are tasked with stealing a valuable diamond hidden in the President’s office in the White House. Despite the vastly different settings, there are certain similarities between the rooms. An unconventional approach to puzzles, interesting technical solutions, plot twists, a clear emphasis on team work with task assignments and a high difficulty level. We have to admit that the successful completion of these missions without using any hints from the creators, is very difficult. The audio-visual aspect of the room is also worth noting, as it nicely introduces us to the room’s atmosphere. There is also a themed conference room. It’s a big asset in cases when we treat Escape Rooms as more than just fun, but also consider it a traning and verification tool for companies and HR divisions.

Difficulty: 8.5/10
Number of participants: 2-6 people

Mega Escape Room Londyn

To finish off this list, here’s a big one – the largest Escape Room in the world/ Impeccable implementation, perfect for corporations, companies, and organized groups (though individual entries are also possible in the summer). The project is monumental, so we approached it with the right mindset and devided the share a bit of the secret while talking to the creator, Ms. Ewa Popławska (interview…).

Author: Patricia Michalska

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