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Opublikowano: 29 września 2015

Forum for Freedom and Growth Law4Growth, the largest business and law-based
initiative in Central and Southern Europe, has just been created in Poland.

It is aimed at improving conditions for the economic development in the region. This pioneering citizen’s project, carried out beyond the political differences, brings together top entrepreneurs, representatives from NGO’s, as well as from the areas of science and politics, both in Poland and in the region. The objective of this collaboration is to come up with legal regulations that will facilitate business development, especially if they have already been successfully implemented in other countries of the region.

The Forum will had its culmination in a 3-day Congress held on 28-30 October this year in Międzynarodowe Centrum Konferencyjne (the International Conference Centre) in Katowice. The event will consist of approximately 20 different workshops run by leading experts in law, business and economy.


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