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Poland loses out in the tax game
Opublikowano: 29 września 2015

The newest report of the European Commission summarizing tax reforms in the Union puts Poland among 5 countries whose tax system and general taxation policies need changing.

According to the European Commission’s report, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia are 5 countries which should significantly improve administrative efficiency of their tax system. Poland takes the last place in the ranking with regard to efficiency in collecting the money from VAT, and we also struggle with the debt incurred by unpaid taxes.

Collecting taxes in Poland generates the highest costs in the European Union and some of the highest charges connected with settling of accounts by companies. The 2014 World Bank report shows that Poland occupies a place in the top of the list of countries (behind Bulgaria and Czech Republic) where SME entrepreneurs have to spend the largest amount of time filling in tax declarations.

When it comes to positive changes implemented by Poland, the report of the European Commission mentions, among other things, accounting simplifications for micro-enterprises and laws impeding tax evasion.

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