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What’s most important in a suit?
Opublikowano: 15 września 2015

Diplomacy is interlinked with elegance. There is a subtle connection between them – discretion. A good diplomat has to represent his country in the best possible way. His life is all about meetings, building relations, supporting promotion of a country. It is all about the right kind of  communication too. That’s why smart look is so important. The times when diplomats would wear lavish uniforms are long gone. These days, the uniforms are well-cut, sophisticated suits by the best tailors.

Some of the best suits are still made by the Italians. Good tailoring is a part of the Italian DNA. Naples has been the capital of elegance for as long as we can remember. The best haberdashers are based there, occupying old baroque palaces. The Neapolitan style is famous for its deconstructed soft jackets, beautiful shoulders and, what the Italians call, „sprezzatura” – a touch of nonchalance. If you do not like the southern style, the north of Italy has a more conservative look to offer, and especially Parma, famous not only for its prosciutto.

Balthazar Private Tailors – is the true connoisseur of the Italian tailoring in Warsaw. They work with two great Italian brands: Sartoria Partenopea from Naples and Caruso from Parma. Their experience, good taste, and knowledge of tailoring, style, and fabrics are simply impressive. This is so important if you need a good, trustworthy guide in your choices. It is always better to have a true partner for discussion who can give you advice and find the best solution. Excellent service is a part of the truly luxurious world.

Discreet Italian elegance has always been the way to go. A charcoal or navy blue suit sound conservative but they will never and nowhere feel or look out of place. The same is true for a good navy blazer and flannel trousers. Style is ageless. We cannot forget about a good, sharp tuxedo. In the diplomatic world it is a true must-have. So it is best to start with a few made-to measure pieces which will be a great foundation and will give you a bit of confidence and a proper sartorial silhouette.

Magdalena Lidak-Bieńkowska

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