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Narvil – the complete hotel experience
Opublikowano: 15 października 2015

In spite of an abundance of spots on the Polish map of hotels, finding a place that will satisfy almost any requirement of today’s business and tourism market can pose a real challenge. A find such as Hotel Narvil is all the more surprising because the venue is not without a magical component; in fact, it is saturated with magic.

Hotel Narvil Lobby

A tour of the hotel

Narvil is a hotel in the forest, on the Narew River bank, at just 40-minute distance from the centre of Warsaw. It amazes with its truly unique exterior design. The architecture of the building, which has been constructed with vision and flair, is very dramatic, but without taking you feel alienated or leaving an impression of severity. It incorporates references to water as an element, which is repeatedly emphasized by pieces such as the beautiful hydroponic reservoirs located in the main vestibule and in the lobby, or by the water streams running around the complex. The interiors exude a sense of clarity, spaciousness and astound with colours, which transition from the crispy white of the corridors to a warm wood finish of the hotel rooms. The natural detail is harmoniously intertwined with modern motives, depicting the idea of a contemporary view on the world.

Place for business

On the top of the hotel’s impeccable amenities (conference facilities for up to 1900 people, professional catering service, a leisure activities zone: fitness studio, a swimming pool, tennis, but also – tapping into the potential of the Narew River flowing nearby – motor boats, sailing boats and jet skis, as well as a luxurious SPA centre, which can also be utilised as a venue for business meetings), Narvil’s biggest advantage and asset is the fact that its staff

Oaza boardroom

and management perfectly understand the importance of business functions for the image of any organisation. It resonates in the words of the hotel’s owner: „Nowadays events are a handy tool to create interest, they can arouse curiosity anew, and tend to attract attention – not only by creating the media hype, but also by engaging both local and wider community. The crucially important brand image of a company can only benefit from events organisation and, if employed in a clever way, can become a stepping stone in the process of gaining popularity.”

Narvil is currently a top venue for business functions, meetings and other events. Business travellers not only can count on a professional execution of their business objectives, but also they will find here a marvellously intimate destination for a stay in private capacity. In this regard, the non-imposing staff catering to the needs of the guests and clients, the exquisite spa centre and Aruana, an a la carte restaurant, are truly of primary importance.


Aruana Restaurant

Tasteful decor without exception

The head chef in the Narvil Hotel kitchen – Adam Kotomski, is passionate about what he does. His two-storey Kaskada Restaurant can accomodate up to 450 people in one seating.

Starting from uncomplicated snacks provided during coffee breaks and ending with sophisticated dishes served during gala dinners, everything is prepared with careful attention paid to the taste and the presentation. The conference menu alters depending on the season and the availability of products. The hotel management rely exclusively on their trusted suppliers, natural ingredients and highest quality produce. Asked about the ingredients, the head chef says, “We will only consider using foods the history of which has been known and monitored, from the moment they were planted or born until they have been consumed in a dish.”

The luxurious a la carte restaurant Aruana and the Aruana Studio are of a very unique character as well. The restaurant, dedicated to individual customers, is run by a renowned chef – Witek Iwański. Its highly elegant interior, caring, but not overbearing waiting staff, and the exceptional quality of food constitute a more than sufficient auto-recommendation of this special place. The incomparable Aruana Studio must be mentioned too – under a watchful eye of the best chefs you will learn there how to cook and discover new wonderful flavours; it also gives you an additional opportunity and an original idea to organise a meeting, either business oriented or of a social nature. It has been widely believed that the stay in Narvil can be very inspiring. The time spent in the hotel will confirm the validity of this opinion. It is truly a place with an extraordinary atmosphere.




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